Fundamental analysis: “Black gold profits from sanction fears”

Last week summary There are no good numbers from the United States. Both inflation reports (PPI and Core CPI) lost against the previous month and expectations. Even the CPI index was slightly disappointing. The dollar reacted to this by weakening at the end of the week, also thanks to the profit taking. In the UK, […]

Fundamental analysis: “What stance will the Bank of England take?”

Fundamental analysis: “What stance will the Bank of England take?”

Last week summary There were the PMI reports released last week in the UK, which brought further disappointment for the Pound. Besides the Construction sector, both Manufacturing and mainly Services sectors demonstrated missed forecasts. The Sterling has continued in its downfall. We have seen a mixed data coming out of Canada past week. Even though […]

Fundamental analysis: American currencies in the spotlight, again.

Last week summary The week that passed was all about the US dollar. As predicted, the major impact for the greenback was the Tuesday’s release of the 10 years Treasury Yields, which for the first time since 2014 have outperformed the 3%. Following was the reaction of the stock indexes, where the main S&P 500, […]

Fundamental analysis: Will the greenback edge higher?

Last week summary What an exciting week it was. From the fundamental point of view we have seen a lot of action across the board. There was a disappointment seen in many currencies. The worst performer was the British Sterling, which faced a hard data from the labour market and the CPI, where we saw […]