First Challenge Met Through Automated Trading Strategy

In today’s article we will introduce you to the first Challenge met purely using trading algorithm which trades in the form of scalping. Let us take a closer look at this automatic strategy as it is really very interesting. Automated trading systems have several advantages. The main advantage is the elimination of the effects of the trader’s psychology. The strategy always works with constant speed, never missing a valid transaction and never completing a trade prematurely only due to the bad feelings about the position. On the other hand, the strategy does not have a feel for the market which cannot be programmed.

The Challenge was nevertheless met magnificently. In Challenge 10, we require the profit of 1000 USD. This Challenge was completed after just 10 days with a profit of 1489 USD which tops the requirement by 49%. We are often asked whether it is possible to complete the Challenge before the 30-day period. This example shows that if you meet the requirements in the first 10 days, you can immediately proceed to the Verification. Note that the maximum total loss here was only -74 USD. This Challenge also was no exception as regards the positive RRR. The average profitable trade was 107 USD, the average losing trade only 25 USD. The resulting RRR is a wonderful 4.28. The algorithm is likely to be built and optimized for EURUSD, as all of the trades were conducted on this currency pair. As we mentioned at the outset, algorithm trades in a style that can be compared to scalping. The strategy opens up greater trade position, which only last a few seconds and then are closed.

In conclusion, it is important to note that trading is a beautiful job. Our project is here to help you move closer to this goal, whether in the form of trading capital or in the form of inspiration by successful traders.