Financial Source
How to find Financial Source?

About Financial Source

Financial Source was founded in 2018 (originally as Forex Source) by a former FCA regulated investment manager.

The purpose of the product is to help traders understand and predict currency markets with fundamental analysis. Everything is housed inside the Financial Source Terminal. It includes 24-hour market commentary via text, audio and video feed.

Every significant price move is interpreted and their team of analysts are focused on helping traders identify actionable trade ideas from the prevailing market sentiment and long-term fundamentals

FTMO partnership with Financial Source

One of the main focuses of Financial Source is to help retail traders adopt the professional trading approach. Financial Source also recommended FTMO to their community as the pathway to solve undercapitalization.

The joint venture between FTMO and Financial Source is a testament to our shared commitment to helping retail traders operate at the professional level.

Thanks to this partnership you can access Financial Source at a huge 50% discount! The discount code awaits you in your Client Area. Becoming a Financial Source subscriber will help you turn fundamental analysis into actionable trade ideas.

How to find Financial Source?