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What is the FTMO solution?


I cannot search LMAX server on MT4.

The server is FFTraderSRO-Demo. You can copy the server name from the login credentials email or directly from your Client Area.

What are the spreads and commissions for each instrument?

You can download our Free Trial with FTMO LMAX where you can see the current spreads for all offered instruments. We have very low commissions and no mark-up, making this the unparalleled advantage around.

How is LMAX different from other brokers?

FTMO has 100% Live market data-feed with direct market access, no extra markups, best market conditions perfectly reflecting live market conditions.

Are you related to the LMAX Exchange?

LMAX is our liquidity and data-feed provider.

What instruments does FTMO offer?

A very wide choice of instruments. You can try our Free Trial or Challenge account to see all these instruments. In your MT4, open Market Watch, right-click any instrument and choose ‘Show all’.

Why is there no LMAX broker on FTMO directly?

We have negotiated our own trading solution, powered by LMAX data-feed and real market liquidity. This enables us to have the best conditions for our traders.

Is FTMO a broker?

No, FTMO is not a broker. We do not accept deposits to trading accounts and we do not allow the opening of trading accounts to a wide public. The solution we bring you in form of the FTMO_lmax account is purely for the purpose of giving you the best trading conditions to help your trading progress and for you to get funded in our evaluation process much easier.

Can I use a mobile platform?

Yes, you can! Just search for FFTraderSRO-Demo server on your MT4 mobile platform.