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You will find all you need to know from the first step
to your first profit withdrawal.

    What’s inside:

    • FTMO Evaluation Process

      We will take you through the Evaluation Process of our proprietary trading firm and introduce you to all the benefits that come with the FTMO Challenge and the FTMO Account.

    • Trading Objectives

      Trading Objectives are crucial factors that determine your success in the Evaluation Process. Our Ebook gives you the opportunity to get fully familiar with them.

    • FTMO Swing

      An in-depth description of our new FTMO Account Swing that allows you to hold positions over the weekend and to trade even during all the high-impact news events

    • FTMO Payout System

      Complete guidance on the withdrawal process. Learn all the individual options you will have access to as an FTMO Trader and find out how to get up to a 90% share of your Profit Split.

    • Scaling Plan

      Find out how consistent traders get to manage up to $2 million on their FTMO Account by using our Scaling Plan.

    • Trading Applications, Performance Coaches and more!

      Explore the full list of benefits FTMO has to offer to traders!

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