Dax daily: 18 Jan 2019

Yesterday’s session was a bit unusual in one way. Wednesday’s high and low were both broken out. This had a probability of 11% only. However, the support zone at 10 819 played out perfect: Today the price opens with an ascending gap sized 23 points. Important zones Resistance: 11 142, 11 188 Support: 10 913 Statistics […]

Dax daily: 17 Jan 2019

Yesterday’s session opened with an ascending gap, which was relatively quickly closed. The next occasion was disappointing for traders who like the volatility. The total intraday range was about 84 points, which is very below average. Today we are opening with a relatively large short gap. Important zones Resistance: 10 929 Support: 10 819, 10 718 […]

Dax daily: 16 Jan 2019

The session yesterday was actually quite interesting. The price development wasn’t that slow and traders were relatively active before Brexit vote. Immediately once the market opened, sellers pushed the price back to the range of the previous day. They closed the gap and attempted another selling, however, buyers stopped them at the support of 10 813. […]

Dax daily: 15 Jan 2019

Monday’s session started by buyer’s attempts to get the price higher. Sellers then entered the market at the trend-line (resistance) around 10 844 which was mentioned yesterday. Following was the drop lower and buyers appeared again after lunchtime and took the price towards the resistance at 10 887 where the price closed. Today we open with […]

Dax daily: 14 Jan 2019

Friday’s session was signaled by a fall towards Thursday’s low, however, Dax hasn’t reached there yet. Friday’s session was one of the very few when the price hasn’t reached high nor low of the previous day. Another phenomenon is that the price closed at the same level as it did on Wednesday. Today, the price […]