Dax daily: 08 Jan 2019

Monday’s session started with slight growth, however, the price went to a decline after 9am onwards. The gap with the closure probability of 70% was successfully closed and yesterdays’ support at 10 681 functioned really nicely: There was even a daily low formed at this zone and the price eventually closed inside the daily range. […]

Dax daily: 07 Jan 2019

Friday’s price development was quite unexpected. Dax rose towards the resistance at 10 600 where it stopped twice as anticipated. The price was balancing around this level until 14:30 when the US NPF and Canadian labour reports came out. As a result of these fundamentals, DAX was influenced and shot steeply upwards, creating an uptrend of some […]

Dax daily: 04 Jan 2019

We expected DAX to move upwards yesterday while targeting the breakout of Wednesday’s low. That didn’t happen and the price kept falling and closed near its low. Today we open with yet another significant gap right in the middle of Wednesday’s and Thursday’s range. Important zones Resistance: 10 600 Support: NIL Statistics for today Detailed […]

Dax daily: 03 Jan 2019

Yesterday’s session was characterized by the initial fall through the support at 10 423 which wasn’t attractive enough. On the other side, the next support at 10 373 functioned perfectly and formed a daily low. Then the move of 250 points took the price to the resistance at 10 530 which worked out nicely. The […]

Dax daily: 02 Jan 2019

I welcome all the readers to the first DAX analysis of 2019. Today, Dax is opening with a descending gap and outside of Friday’s range. The price is falling down quite rapidly and we currently attack the first support at 10 423. Important zones Resistance: 10 530 Support: 10 423, 10 373 Statistics for today […]