Dax daily: 11 Mar 2019

On Friday, we started trading with a big descending gap, which we managed to close in the last half hour. From the chart view, Friday was a slower day full of chopping price action. The Friday session ended at the very top of its high. Today we are opening up with an ascending gap, which […]

Dax daily: 07 Mar 2019

We expected a slight decline yesterday and then attacking the 11 632 level. Dax has gone exactly as we predicted yesterday. You can find the visual comparison of yesterday’s analysis and the price action result in the below-attached screenshot. Important zones Resistance: 11 66 Support: 11 522 Statistics for today Detailed statistics in the Statistical Application […]

Dax daily: 06 Mar 2019

Yesterday’s session offered good trading opportunities both for bulls and bears. Dax headed upwards right after the open and the first resistance had no effect. Another resistance at 11 618 worked well and we anticipated the price to reverse deeper to break Monday’s low. This didn’t happen as the price fall was stopped by buyers […]

Dax daily: 05 Mar 2019

Yesterday’s session turned out exactly as expected. After the gap was closed and there were no buyers at 11 625, the price sliced nicely through Friday’s low. The sellers were aggressive enough and took the price lower to 11 521 where the intraday low was formed and this is also where buyers took over. The […]

Dax daily: 04 Mar 2019

Friday’s session hasn’t offered anything interesting. Right after the open, DAX sharply rose upwards just to consolidate and erase all the gains later on. At the end of the session, DAX closed approximately halfway in its daily range. Today the price opens with an ascending gap. Important zones Resistance: NIL Support: 11 550, 11 521, […]