Dax daily: 15 Jan 2019

Monday’s session started by buyer’s attempts to get the price higher. Sellers then entered the market at the trend-line (resistance) around 10 844 which was mentioned yesterday. Following was the drop lower and buyers appeared again after lunchtime and took the price towards the resistance at 10 887 where the price closed. Today we open with […]

Dax daily: 14 Jan 2019

Friday’s session was signaled by a fall towards Thursday’s low, however, Dax hasn’t reached there yet. Friday’s session was one of the very few when the price hasn’t reached high nor low of the previous day. Another phenomenon is that the price closed at the same level as it did on Wednesday. Today, the price […]

Dax daily: 11 Jan 2019

Thursday’s session was marked by a slower trendy day when we steadily grew from the moment we tested the 10 776 support listed yesterday. Resistance at 10 888 also worked out, we got about 50 points from it before buyers entered the again. Subsequently, the resistance at 10 888 changed to support, and in retroreflection, […]

Dax daily: 10 Jan 2019

Wednesday’s session has been relatively peaceful again. Dax opened near Tuesday’s high which was punctured quickly. Following was an attack to close the gap, however, buyers appeared far quicker yet before the gap closure. Bulls were attempting to take the price higher but were not strong enough. The price rather tested the support at 10 […]

Dax daily: 09 Jan 2019

Tuesday’s session was relatively calm. It was just a pity that Dax hasn’t dropped fully to the support zone of 10 718 at the beginning of the session. Buyers appeared a bit sooner than anticipated and took the price towards the resistance at 10 891 which played out well. Dax has then closed approximately in […]