Dax daily: 10 Jun 2019

Welcome everybody to a new trading week. Friday’s session started according to our expectation by closing the gap and the price went slowly up. At 2:30 pm we’ve had the US Non-Farm Payrolls release which caused a couple of volatile candles. Later in the afternoon session, Dax significantly slowed down as participants closed the week […]

Dax daily: 07 Jun 2019

Yesterday’s resistance at 12 064 functioned absolutely exemplary. There was even an intra-day high formed at this level and the price bounced some 170 points southward. Dax has eventually found some buyers just before the support retest at 11 861 and closed the day mid-range. Important zones Resistance: 12 139 Support: 11 861, 11 790 […]

Dax daily: 06 Jun 2019

Yesterday’s session started without a gap and after a short correction, buyers really headed upwards to higher levels. Unfortunately, the momentum wasn’t strong enough to reach our target at 12 064. The session was then closed near it’s open at 11 986. Important zones Resistance: 12 064 Support: 11 861 Statistics for today Detailed statistics […]

Dax daily: 05 Jun 2019

Yesterday’s session is a nice confirmation of a clear support level laying at 11 620. After the price broke out of the 11 778 level, Dax shot up to hit 11 860. The momentum was strong enough and that level didn’t slow the price at all. Bulls went even higher to close at the intra-day […]

Dax daily: 04 Jun 2019

There was no resistance formed at Friday’s close. On the other hand, the support level laying at 11 620 that we spoke about in previous analysis functioned as expected. We found a new low here and the control was taken back by buyers who took the price towards the resistance at 11 788. This price […]