DAX daily: 15 Nov 2018

Yesterday’s session was characterized by a quick drop right after the German GDP announcement and the price pierced through Tuesday’s low. Based on the Brexit deal news, buyers stepped in prudently took the price beyond Tuesday’s high. This scenario had a probability of only 15%, but the stats need to be aside when global news or […]

DAX daily: 14 Nov 2018

Yesterday is an example that even if we have a statistical advantage, anything can happen in the markets. There was not an attempt to reach lower prices and the previous low was not broken. Buyers have dominated the market since the beginning of the session, their only obstacle was the price at 11 405 as […]

DAX daily: 13 Nov 2018

The first part of yesterday’s analysis was great. The second part has not played that good. After the first trading hours, Dax fell beautifully and closed the gap at 11 531. We were expecting buyers to join just at 11 531 or 11 476, but none of those zones was attractive for bull. Instead, the […]

DAX daily: 12 Nov 2018

We welcome all traders in a new week. Friday’s session started with a slight drift and the bulls stepped in at the consolidation area from 30th and 31st OCT, yet before re-test of 11 377. Dax then re-tested both resistance zones at 11 510 and 11 548 where there were some bears came in but […]

DAX daily: 09 Nov 2018

Thursday’s session didn’t really play as expected. We were waiting for a long sentiment with the breakout of Wednesday’s high. In the first 90 minutes of the session, it was very promising but then the sellers took over. Support at 11 554 did slow down the market movement, however, no buyers came in. FOMC release […]