DAX daily: 13 Dec 2018

Wednesday’s session was signified by a slight descend towards support at 10 804, which was missed by just 2-3 points. Subsequently, buyers entered the market and dominated the market until the end of the session. Dax rose relatively steadily, without any rapid movements. The closure occurred over the mentioned consolidation area. Today we are opening […]

DAX daily: 12 Dec 2018

Again, all our statistics from yesterday were met. Dax dropped first and closed the gap. Then the buyers entered the market, unfortunately yet before the support of 10 654, and broke the Monday high. The buyers got the price up to the resistance at 10 843, which was pierced, but then subsequently, the sellers entered the […]

DAX daily: 11 Dec 2018

Monday’s session started with a slow climb towards the resistance at 10 754 which we mentioned yesterday and it worked out very well.  The high was created at that level and then there was a 176 points fall. Today we open with a small ascending gap inside yesterday’s range. Important zones Resistance: 10 843 Support: […]

DAX daily: 10 Dec 2018

Friday’s session started relatively slowly when the price oscillated in Thursday’s range. Then the price fell towards the support at 10 800 which did not attract any buyers. What was more interesting, however, was the bounce back from below that gave nice trading opportunity. Today we open outside the previous day range and Dax has […]

DAX daily: 07 Dec 2018

The tension in England contributed to another big drop of Dax, the yesterdays sessions started with a nice move up, but soon it was replaced by a rapid drop. The support from 2016 on 10 800 was slightly overcome, but in the end, the buyers entered and erased part of the morning fall. Today we […]