Dax daily: 21 May 2019

After closing the gap yesterday, we saw yet another strong selling. Bears dominated till the session end and bulls had no chance whatsoever. The session closed at 12 034 which is now an interesting support level. Important zones Resistance: 12 146 Support: 12 034, 11 958 Statistics for today Detailed statistics in the Statistical Application […]

Dax daily: 20 May 2019

Friday’s session hasn’t really seen much success from the statistical point of view. There were increased probabilities for breaking of Thursday’s high and two support levels nearby to add to the hypothesis. Dax turned downhill on a very lazy pace, buyers reacted with a very slight correction at the first mentioned support level and the […]

Dax daily: 17 May 2019

Yesterday’s session turned out to be yet another success in a long row. The hypothesis suggested the breakout of Wednesday’s high and Dax was pierced that level with strong momentum, not even reacting by any bounce at the resistance level of 12 190. We haven’t even found sellers at the first resistance level laying at […]

Dax daily: 16 May 2019

Yesterday’s session corresponded with our analysis. After the open, Dax began to descend towards the support at 12 946 where we haven’t encountered any buyers and the price continued lower. Later in the NY session, Dax unexpectedly jumped up and today we open with a descending gap. Important zones Resistance: 12 097, 12 190 Support: […]

Dax daily: 15 May 2019

For a change, yesterday’s session was in the hands of buyers. We first found some sellers at the resistance zone of 11 956 and they pushed the Dax some 50 points lower before buyers stepped in. Dax is opening with an ascending gap today. Important zones Resistance: 12 139 Support: 11 946 Statistics for today […]