Dax daily: 18 Mar 2019

Wishing all a very nice Monday. This is how Friday’s support worked: After the DAX dropped towards 11 587, there came the aggressive buyers taking the price above the high swing from 01 Mar. Following was a freefall towards the Friday’s open, yet the bulls were aggressive to retake control and the price closed on higher […]

Dax daily: 15 Mar 2019

Yesterday’s session was very interesting and everything we pointed out turned out exactly as predicted. Dax has initially found some buyers and the price pierced through Wednesday’s high, which had a statistical probability of 90%. Then we found some sellers above Wednesday’s high and at the end buyers appeared again at the mentioned support zone […]

Dax daily: 14 Mar 2019

Yesterday’s session started by closing the gap followed by an upward momentum that lasted till the end of an intraday session. The price has almost completely wiped out the fall from Tuesday. Today, we open with a descending gap sized 43 points. Important zones Resistance: NIL Support: 11 536 Statistics for today Detailed statistics in […]

Dax daily: 13 Mar 2019

For yesterday’s session, we expected some correction from the beginning as the sellers could have managed to repress the German stock index. In the end, the selling pressures had enough power that the sell-off lasted the entire intraday session and the price closed at 11 513. Important zones Resistance: 11 513 Support: 11 472 Statistics […]

Dax daily: 12 Mar 2019

Monday’s session started with a bearish move, taking the price 13 points below the support zone of 11 472 that we highlighted. Following this, buyers entered the market. Before the price spiked upwards, Dax dropped exactly to our support zone of 11 472. The resistance area around 11 559 hasn’t had any effect on the […]