Dax daily: 07 Feb 2020

In today's analysis, we kept our predictions unchanged. We didn't have any hints about the direction yesterday, and it turned out that market participants were indecisive as well. Dax was idle for the entire session, just moving sideways. Important zones Resistance: 13 627 Support: 13 461 Statistics for today Detailed statistics in the Statistical Application […]

Dax daily: 06 Feb 2020

Just as we anticipated, the 100% gap closure probability, combined with another high chance of the high breakout played out absolutely spot on. Buyers bounced from 13 235 quite heavily and stalled high up at 13 515 where the session closed. What a bullish sentiment. If you followed our analysis yesterday, we congratulate you for […]

Dax daily: 05 Feb 2020

Dax didn't give a single chance to sellers yesterday. Since the market open, the price climbed towards 13 235, yet this level was no obstacle for buyers. This nice bullish sentiment prevailed till the very close of the intraday session where we closed almost at its high. Important zones Resistance: 13 316 Support: 13 235 […]

Dax daily: 04 Feb 2020

The gap really hasn't closed. Yesterday's session was boring and Dax was lazy. There was only one occasion where buyers attempted to take it higher but didn't have enough momentum to break above the nearest resistance level. We formed a nice balanced profile which gave us an important volume point of control. Important zones Resistance: […]

Dax daily: 03 Feb 2020

Welcome to the first Dax analysis of the new month. Our Friday's predictions turned out to be a bit off as the price broke through the support at 13 119 and continued even lower to retest 12882. Important zones Resistance: 13 119 Support: 12 882 Statistics for today Detailed statistics in the Statistical Application Macroeconomic […]