Dax daily: 23 Jan 2020

Wednesday's session was, compared to previous days, fully in charge of sellers. As we anticipated, they managed to close the gap from the all-time high and reached our support level of 13 522 and even lower. Thi price didn't stay up for too long and Dax is now safely back in the range. Important zones […]

Dax daily: 22 Jan 2020

Yesterday's session started with a big descending gap below the previous day session. We mentioned that if buyers manage to get the price back up and close the gap, the bullish sentiment will be confirmed. That is exactly what happened. Buyers took Dax back to Monday's close to retest the high. Important zones Resistance:  NIL […]

Dax daily: 21 Jan 2020

Yesterday's session really turned out positive for bullish traders. Dax closed nicely at new high levelled at 13 573. The only flaw we see in this situation is today's gap opening. Important zones Resistance:  13 573 Support: 13 386 Statistics for today Detailed statistics in the Statistical Application Macroeconomic releases 11:00 CET - German ZEW […]

Dax daily: 20 Jan 2020

Dax didn't make it out of the current consolidation zone we write about the past couple of days. The resistance at 13 522 we highlighted held the price and the VPOC was formed there as well. Dax closed the week on this level. Important zones Resistance:  13 522 Support: 13 386, 13 460 Statistics for […]

Dax daily: 17 Jan 2020

As for yesterday, we anticipated Dax to remain in the range between 13 386 and 13 522 which turned out to be the case. The support level at 13 386 functioned well and repeatedly repelled sellers there. The intraday session formed a V shape with the close slightly higher at 13 458. Important zones Resistance:  […]