We welcome our latest FTMO Traders who got funded by our Prop Firm

Yet another week has passed and we bring you new interviews with our freshly funded FTMO Traders. Get inspired by their stories and tips which might help you become the FTMO Trader as well! Trader Jerry gives an excellent description of the important characteristics of a profitable trader What was the most difficult during your […]

Money Management in Forex Trading

The second part of the money management article is here. Once again, our colleague Tung put down the key pillars of proper money management in forex trading. As we are primarily looking for great money managers, understanding all essential components mentioned in both articles is a key not only to manage your FTMO Account but […]

New month, new FTMO Traders, new opportunities

So many new traders pass our evaluation process on a regular basis. As we enter the second half of this year, be inspired by those who successfully demonstrated their trading skills, determination, and above all, had the attitude to treat trading seriously as a profession and with the winner's mindset.   Trader Sanjin trades for […]

Forget everything and focus on one thing: Money Management

This week, our colleague Tung prepared a fascinating article about money management. As money management is the most crucial part of trading and we at FTMO are looking for good money managers in the first place, we highly recommend you to spend a few minutes to read the article! Forget everything and focus on one […]

Say Hello to our new FTMO Traders

We bring you Interviews with our freshly funded FTMO Traders. What was their evaluation process like? Let's find out!   Trader Jaykin getting FTMO Account after an outstanding result on his Verification! Where have you learnt about FTMO? I 1st heard of FTMO from several prospects that wanted to know if I had heard of […]