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New App: Broker Review + video

 You often ask how to choose a broker for your trading. Since we are an independent project, we don’t directly recommend any particular broker as we are fair with all. Nevertheless, we have prepared a comparison of our partnered brokers so that you can decide for yourself.

Dax daily: 26 Mar 2019

Monday’s session began with rapid growth, Dax returned very quickly into Friday’s range but slowed down and didn’t move anywhere for practically the entire session. Dax closed near the top of the range. Today we are opening with an ascending gap, which unfortunately has already been closed. Important zones Resistance:  11 481 Support: 11 322, 11 220 Statistics […]

Dax daily: 19 Mar 2019

Monday’s session was rather lazy. After opening, the Dax dropped towards the support 11 657, where we found buyers. Following was a bullish move of about 30 points but the bulls did not last long and price then dropped to lower levels. The Dax closed at the lower end of the range. Today we are […]

Why is forex trading so difficult?

Most trading sites will tell you that all you need is to purchase a trading system or take part in a weekend-long training and you will be well-off for the rest of your life. If a trading guru offers a quality system, it should, in theory, be no problem to profit by just replicating the […]

Video: Interview with mentor and pro trader from Germany.

Last week, we made a trip to Germany to visit our partner and trader, Otto Schlechter. Otto is the professional trader and mentor, who specializes in trading the DAX and he shares his trading methods with his students. Take a look at the short interview. (The video is in German language).