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T3 Indicator : Smoother & More Flexible MA (Download)

This article about T3 Indicator was sent to us our trader Piotr from Poland. You can read more about Piotr in this article. If you are a trend trader, this article might give you new insights how to identify trends in early stages. The T3 indicator was proposed by Tim Tillson in 1998. The aim […]

Dax daily: 2 May 2019

Today, we have a very interesting open in today’s session. Most likely because of yesterday’s FOMC, the DAX opened what a short gap of 43 points and returned back in the range between 12 300 – 12 376. Important zones Resistance: 12 376 Support: 12 300 Statistics for today Detailed statistics in the Statistical Application […]

Dax daily: 25 Apr 2019

Wednesday came out as expected. Dax found buyers right after the open and after we filled the gap we broke even Tuesday’s high, which fulfilled the second key statistics. In the afternoon, the buyers ran out of steam and the sellers pushed Dax down to about 50 % of the range. Today we are opening […]

New FTMO Trader Sibil from sunny Croatia

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our latest funded FTMO Trader Sibil B. from Croatia. Sibil found his passion in financial markets during the Housing Buble in 2007. We wish Sibil a long-term and successful journey with FTMO.  “FTMO is by far the best opportunity to become a professional trader” Sibil, tell us […]