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Statistical App – Aggressive candle

In this statistic, we will analyse the so-called aggressive candle. Video can be found here (TBI). The aggressive candle is categorized by the substantial impulses of buyers or sellers right from the open. We will analyse such candle on this chart: Instrument: DAX Timeframe: 30 M chart First DAX candle: 08:00 – 08:30 The long […]

Dax daily: 20 Mar 2019

The DAX has been very bullish for the past few days, especially yesterday. Out of the last 5 sessions, the bulls we the strongest in yesterday’s session and they managed to push price to a new high of 11 840. Sellers then entered the market and pushed price back to 11 762 where we also […]

Price Action – Breakout Trading

In the previous article we talked about Price Action in general and we also described Reversal Trading. This time we focus on another very important aspect of Price Action methodology, which is Breakout trading. Breakout Trading Breakout traders expect S&R levels to fail. According to our previous explanation in the previous article, Support is a […]