Dax daily: 30 Jun 2020

The week started with a price correction and Dax reached 12 151 as we anticipated. Take a look at how nicely this zone functioned. This was the level where buyers and sellers battled over the dominance of further price development. Bulls won this call and took Dax back to the consolidation range. Again. The price is now in a balanced area where it is understood as fairly valued. The session was closed in the black numbers and at its daily high.

Important zones

  • Resistance: 12 494
  • Support: 12 151

Statistics for today

Macroeconomic releases

  • NIL

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Today's session hypothesis

Today's session could be optimistic for buyers. As per the Statistical application, there is an increased probability of breaking yesterday's high, which, unfortunately, is relatively very near so it doesn't offer good RR. The consolidation range is quite wide and it's not yet fully clear where the price might head. The resistance at 12 494 is relatively far away but if we had to favour one side of the story, we have a bullish bias in the mid to long-term horizon.


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