Dax daily: 11 Jan 2019

Thursday’s session was marked by a slower trendy day when we steadily grew from the moment we tested the 10 776 support listed yesterday. Resistance at 10 888 also worked out, we got about 50 points from it before buyers entered the again. Subsequently, the resistance at 10 888 changed to support, and in retroreflection, it worked out again very well.

Today the price opens with a small descending gap.

Important zones

  • Resistance: 11 188, 11 142, 11 010
  • Support: 10 874

Statistics for today

  • Detailed statistics can be found in our Statistical application
  • The probability of breaking yesterday’s high at 10 965 is 90%

Macroeconomic releases

  • NIL

Today’s session hypothesis

Today we can expect a drop to 10 874, where we could find buyers to break yesterday’s high, which is very likely in today’s session. Long trades then have such a clear target. If we find sellers around 11 010, we can expect a price to slow down. If buyers are very active, the main target at 11 142 is also possible.