Dax daily: 09 Jan 2020

Dax took a northern direction right from the beginning of the session yesterday. Gradually, the price reached 13 235 but this level had no influence. Bulls were strong and took the price up all the way to retest 13 386. The session was closed near this level.

Important zones

  • Resistance:  13 462, 13 522
  • Support: 13 235

Statistics for today

Macroeconomic releases

  • NIL

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Today's session hypothesis

70 points gap started today's session. Hence, yesterday's buying sentiment stands confirmed and we incline to a further uptrend continuation. As always, we might see a pullback on the way up before retesting 13 462 and higher levels. We are approaching highs from early 2018 and there aren't many resistance areas to stick to.


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