New MT4 server

Due to unexpected technical difficulties, we were not able to migrate to the new server. We kindly ask you to resume trading on the current server “FFTraderSRO-Demo. We apologize for the inconvenience.

During this weekend, we are releasing changes that will positively affect all FTMO accounts on the MT4 trading platform. To log in to the trading account, you will need to search for a new server or download a new version of the MT4 trading platform. You can find the link to download the new trading platform here.


Effective this Sunday, 23rd Aug, 23:05 CEST with the Markets open, the original server FFTraderSRO-Demo will no longer be accessible as it will be replaced by the new FTMO-Server.

Please re-log to your account with the new server to ensure you are properly connected and you can trade smoothly. We try to provide traders with the best possible trading conditions. We use several liquidity providers with DMA (Direct Market Access) execution model.

The commission on FTMO accounts is only 3 USD/lot/round-trip on Forex, which is well below the market average. Indices and Commodities used to have the commission as $3.5 USD/lot, Cryptocurrencies were $14/lot and XAUUSDm was $0.5/lot.

Thanks to the current changes, commissions on Commodities, Precious Metals, Cryptocurrencies and Indices will be 0 USD/lot/round-trip on all of our available trading platforms (MT4/MT5/cTrader). Newly, therefore, the only cost on these assets are the institutional spreads as we get them directly from our liquidity providers.

Another news is the symbol suffixes. You asked us why it is necessary to trade on instruments with the .lmax extension. Thanks to the new update, you will no longer have to search for the extension and you will find instruments in the classic form, without suffix, eg EURUSD, GBPJPY, etc. (only for new accounts)

Due to this migration, the weekend trading of Cryptocurrencies is disabled on 22nd and 23rd AUG. We hope you like these changes, just as we do. You can already look forward to more new improvements and great updates that we prepare for you.